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About - ReFamily

We founded Watts Lab, Inc. in 2007 with an eye toward creating Geneology tools. While we decided not to move past prototyping on this particular set of tools, we did subsequently establish ReFamily, a Family History Consultancy in 2011. We've since helped a bunch of families pursue their histories as a part of this business, and Julie has helped 100's of individuals privately over the course of the past 45 or so years. Between us, we have extensive experience to help you navigate the modern world of Genealogy research.


Julie Watts

Julie has practiced extensive genealogy - offline and online - since before she was an adult. She's an expert using Ancestry and the constellation of tools that are typically used by researchers.

Steve Watts

Steve retired from Texas Instruments in 2009 after a diverse and successful 30 year career. His primary area of expertise centered around operational processes, test engineering and management. He possesses a BSEE, Computer Engineering Option (earned in 1982 before Computer Engineering was a "thing") from the University of Houston, and an Executive MBA from Southern Methodist University. Since retiring, Steve has enjoyed his growing family, some travel, and collaborating with family members on various projects in the family business - Watts Lab, Inc. since 2007. In those years, he’s established his expertise in web development and reestablished himself as a skilled software developer. In addition to programming, Steve enjoys his family, reading, exercise, travel, and is involved in the Commercial Real Estate industry. Steve also helps Julie with many aspects of Genealogy research, and management/technical aspects as needed.

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